Trade Information

Grow Your Export Import Business!
Actionable insights not just junk data. Access over 30 super hot dashboards with Ideal Buyer report, Ideal Supplier Report, Ideal Price, Buyer-Supplier Relationship Analysis, Market Share Report, Price Trend, Volume Trends, 80-20 Rules and many more…
Trade Analysis Reduces Tasks Of Weeks To Minutes
Search & instant view of “Ready to Use” Dashboards designed by experts to drive Export-Import Business Growth!
Live Screen Support
Get instant and On Screen assistance on your workspace from an expert Business Analyst. Watch your Dashboards and Searches configured and corrected in seconds right in front of you.
Be An Export Import Data Ninja
Customized Dashboards allows you to slice and dice data like a Data Ninja with or without technical expertise. Add custom fields, Set up Auto Rules to clean, categorize, group, unify in simple steps.
Work With Teams
Get quick results and reduce weeks to seconds. Get entire team on board. Share with your team on desktop or mobile. Delegate tasks. Comment, Like, Dislike and “On the Go” access anytime from anywhere securely.
Trade Analysis is Designed to Work With Everybody in Your Organization
Top Decision Makers
Always be in the know. View on your Mobile or Web. Get alerts when data changes and drill into details.Delegate tasks, comment, like, dislike and chat with your team.Watch the speed of results!
Middle Management
Let the team create the workspace or use On-Screen Support to get it created for you from an expert Business Analyst.Collaborate with your team to drive needed information, Use mobile or web and delegate tasks, comment, like, dislike and chat with your team.
Business Analysts
Be a Data Ninja. Finish week's tasks in seconds.Search and filter data like never before. Modify or Create Custom Dashboards on the fly. Create unlimited workspaces. Clean, Categorize data. Create custom fields, merge duplicates.